I absolutely despise when someone makes a point to tell me that I’m on my phone too much. I have social anxiety and when I’m around a lot of people I don’t know, I use my phone as a distraction so I don’t become to anxious. I’m aware that I’m on my phone but if we aren’t having a conversation or doing something that requires my attention, leave me the fuck alone.



Social anxiety is a lot like stage fright.

It is a crippling fear of being judged and/or messing up horribly.

You go over your lines and actions thousands of times in your head before you go in front of people, but you can’t get rid of your stomach butterflies and still freeze up when you’re on…



People without anxiety just don’t get it. Its not that we don’t want to connect with people. We do, so badly. We want to make friends and feel comfortable in other people’s presences. We just can’t. We can’t explain, we can’t control it. 

Please don’t pass off someone with anxiety as just “anti social” I don’t know a single person who has anxiety that wouldn’t love a few friends. 


Anonymous asked:

Is there such a thing as "astral massage?" for sore wings tails what have you??? do you have any addvice on the matter? thank you much!!!!!!!!!

hellhoundkin answered:

hmm I’m not sure?? I mean I’m sure you could receive a massage in the astral plane but I’m not sure there is a way to massage them from this dimension? Maybe if you knew someone who was some kind of energy/spirit healer? :x sorry im not much help

You get sore astral parts too??? o_o