Anonymous asked:

Kin doesn't exist it's fucking stupid you guys are playing pretend and make believe I swear to god. Demon? Angel? Anime??? Seriously please stop see a psych get a life this is just ugh

otherkinpride answered:

Attention, as of now, kin doesn’t exist.

No-one has any family any more.

Who are these strangers you live with? Why did you choose to live with them? You hold no relation to these folks, family is no longer existent. Birth no longer exists, as kin does not exist. We are created from stardust and ashes from the deepest of never ending voids. As babies cannot look after themselves, we are all placed on the planet at an age where we are deemed suitable to cater and care for ourselves, as we have no kin. Kin does not exist, as this anonymous person has most willingly clarified, we hold no blood or marriage relations any more.

lol wow Otherkinpride xD Also, hater, do us a favor and fuck off. We know we are 100% physically human. I hope you also know that many therapist agree there is nothing wrong with being Therian or Otherkin. In fact, they try and help ways to feel closer to the species you identify with SPIRITUALLY. Educate yourself before you judge others. We are in no way hurting anyone. t(^_^t)